Trevor Dinn, P. Eng., BEng.

     Curriculum Vitae


Mr. Trevor Dinn joined FDi in December of 1999 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2004, he took leave to help establish an in depth crash study program in the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Dinn rejoined the firm in 2005 and obtained his P. Eng. in 2007. During his time with FDi, Mr. Dinn has investigated and reconstructed over 1500 accidents and is qualified as an expert witness in British Columbia Provincial and Supreme Courts (Civil) and BC Provincial Criminal Court, as well as the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bech and Oklahoma Civil Court.

Mr. Dinn is experienced in all aspects of accident reconstruction, including low-speed rear-end analysis  and occupant kinematic response, speed determination, time-distance analysis, impact location, motor vehicle/pedestrian interactions, articulated vehicle assessments, seatbelt usage analysis, bicycle reconstruction, occupant position determination, mechanical component failure causing motor vehicle accident, slip and fall analysis, as well as vehicle performance assessments through acceleration testing. Mr. Dinn is experienced with a multitude of reconstruction software packages, including the use of photogrammetry software for reconstructing vehicle damages and scene evidence. Mr. Dinn keeps up-to-date with the latest in accident reconstruction resources and technologies by frequently attending courses and conferences.

I found the opinions in Mr. Dinn’s report, reinforced by his response to rigorous cross-examination and some questions from the Court, to be logical, reasonable and persuasive, and the assumptions on which he based his opinions to be supported by the evidence.  I conclude that Mr. Shorter was travelling at an excessive rate of speed as he approached the intersection − probably a speed in excess of 100 kph and possibly as great as 110 kph − more than twice the posted speed limit. Judge Baker, Theiss v. Shorter, 2016 BSSC 1634


 I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the staff at Forensic Dynamics Inc., especially Mr. Trevor Dinn, for assisting me with my car accident claim earlier this year. ...It was Trevor's expertise that brought the truth to light. ... Based on his analysis, which confirmed the angle of impact between the two vehicles during the collision, ICBC reversed their initial finding of fault and reassigned 100% of the liability back to the dishonest driver.Michelle Khong, Private Citizen, Letter dated September 12, 2008.